Clipper and FoxPro migration

Legacy programs converted. Clipper and FoxPro migration to Windows 

Even now in 2016, we get a steady stream of inquiries from companies of all sizes saying they have mission-critical programs written in Clipper or FoxPro in the 1990’s that need to be moved to a modern Windows interface. We can do it.

foxproYour new program will run on any version of Windows and be able to print to any printer. It will have a GUI interface with all the functionality of a modern Windows program. Further, we can use your existing data files and some of the source code with few changes needed. This greatly speeds up the process, cuts costs, and leverages your investment.

This is by far the most cost-effective way of moving your aging FoxPro or Clipper application to Windows. Current projects in 2015 include migrating an invoicing system for a Massachusetts manufacturer and converting mission-critical document processing systems for a Virginia vendor.

Support for existing FoxPro and Clipper programs

We support all versions of FoxPro and Clipper and can make whatever changes you might need to them, including new reports, screens, and functionality. This includes modern versions of FoxPro. We can also migrate FoxPro to the cloud.

Clipper and FoxPro decompiling

YoClipperu’ve lost your Clipper or Foxpro source code and are panicking because you need it. We can help. Our decompiler services can often re-create missing source code from the executable. We decompile Clipper and FoxPro applications within 24 hours and email you the source code. The cost is $75. You can pay using PayPal. There is no charge if it won’t decompile. Most email services block EXEs from being sent so EXE files  will need to be sent using Dropbox or a similar service. Email us for details.

Data conversion

We convert Clipper and FoxPro data files to whatever format you want (including Flexfile memo fields, Dbase7, Clarion, and many other formats.) Our data conversion page has full details.

What to do

The easiest way for us to determine what a conversion would entail is to examine the source code. Once we’ve looked at the code, we will provide a detailed free estimate. We do not need to be onsite at your location to do a conversion. Virtually all our work is done remotely.

Email or call us at 310 600-5237 for more information.